Wednesday, 22 August 2012

University of kota -LLB (Sem 1) Result 2012 new latest

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LLB (Sem 1) Result

There are two schools of thought about the concept of education. According to one school of thought, education is a merit good; while according to another school of thought, education is a non-merit good. Whatever concept of education we accept as right, but one thing is universally accepted that education is a most powerful tool of social transformation and a grand panacea for all evils of modern age. If we want to change the socio-economic milieu and develop scientific temperament and learning aptitude in young people in the present fastly changing tech-savy age, the professional education is not only vital, but has great relevance for value addition and value based system. Value addition is required for wealth maximization and valued based system is needed for ethical code of conduct. These twin objective can simultaneously be achieved by the professional quality education. It is not only a good source of better livelihood, but also helps in career planning, which is the need of an hour. University of Kota is offering several professional courses to the students in building their bright career and shaping personality by harnessing their 'latent talent'. Our emphasis is to extend the scope and increase opportunities for higher education and research in every branch of human knowledge and also to ensure quality all along so that learners may 'learn faultlessly'. Our endeavor is also to provide an environment to the students where they can blossom into good citizens. 

We are also committed not only to create an atmosphere of brain storming for idea generation, but also for instilling pride, human dignity and maintaining an ambieance of mutual respect, culture of tolerance while emphasizing scholastic achievements. At the end, I welcome all new aspirants for admission to various professional courses which are being run by different colleges affiliated to this university and wish them very best and bright professional career ahead. I also hope that all of them will be using their full potential for the benefit of self and society both and transform themselves into an energetic, confident and independent professionals ready to face any kind of challenge of present complex and ever changing global environment.
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