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Kerala B.Tech lateral Entry Entrance sample question papers

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Answer questions 1-5 based on the given passage.
About four hundred years ago, many people believed that they lived on stationary earth, which itself is situated at the center of the universe. The world beyond the solar system was a mystery to all. The submicroscopic domain of atoms and molecules was completely unknown. Not even a single law of nature was accurately formulated. The Copernican theory of the solar system (the theory in which the sun occupies the central position) had been published but it had so many objections against it. There was scarcely any activity that could be called as science. Mathematics was just in its infancy.

1. Four hundred years ago, the popular belief was that ………………..
A) there was a world beyond the solar system B) the law of nature was not accurate
C) the earth was fixed D) there was no technology
2. There was scarcely any activity called Science means ………………
A) Scientific knowledge was inadequate B) Copernican theory was objected
C) They lived on stationary earth D) Law of nature was accurate
3. The opposite of accurate is
A) exact B) inaccurate C) diaccurate D) unaccurate
4. Beyond means
A) on the farther side B) domain of atoms C) at the center D) a mystery
5. Infancy is used in the sense of
A) childhood B)adolescence C) inactivity D)beginning to develop
Choose the appropriate words
6. One should discharge _______________ duty.
A) ones B) his C) their D) our
7. ___________ you drive a car
A)Can B)Should C)Would D)May
8. Identify the wrong section
All the/furnitures/where/loaded
A)All the B)furnitures C)were D)loaded
9. The teacher / said that / the earth / was round.
A)The teacher B)said that C)the earth D)was round
10. Complete the proverb: Make hay while __________
A)The sun shines B)There is no rain B)There is time D)There is hay

1. The larger of the Ram of a computer , the faster is its speed , since it eliminates
A)need for ROM B)need for external memory
C) frequent disk I/O s D)need for a data –wide part
2. Which of the following is an example of a spooled device?
A) a line printer used to print the o/p of a number of jobs
B) A terminal used to enter input data to a running program
C) A secondary storage device in a virtual memory system
D) A graphical display device
3. UNIX operating system
A) is multi-user B)is multi tasking C) can run on PCs and larger systems D)all the above
4. The errors pointed out by a compiler are
A) Syntax errors B) Semantic errors C) Logical errors D) internal errors
5. Which of the following is not a multi user operating system
A) MS-DOS B) Linux C) Windows 2000 D) Unix
6. How many times the following loop executed?
X=500; While(x<=500)
A) 0 B) 1 C) 500 D) 100
7. The function sprintf() works like printf () but operates on
A) data in a file B) stderr C)stdin D)string
8. An indexing operation
A) sorts a file using a single key B) sorts a file using two keys
C)establishes an index for a file D)both B and C above
9. Which of the following is a database administrator’s function?
A) backing up the database B)performance monitoring C) user coordination D) all the above
10. One of the following are not true for a sound card?
A) MIDI compatible B) Microphone input C) Built in amplifier C) Built in Power Supply
11. What is the latest accomplishment of MPEG 2?
A) Improves the prediction of motion
B) Use multiple channels in a single stream of data
C) Has built in data recovery
D) MPEG 2 uses field oriented syntax
12. A hub in a network is?
A) A multiport signal repeater or concentrator
B) Multiplug like device to allow many computers to be connected
C) The server which serves every node
D) The central power supply
13. Which of the following performs modulation & demodulation?
A) Fiber optic B) Satellite C) Coaxial cable D) Modem
14. What is the established standard for transferring mail over internet?
15) One of the following cannot be configured in a web server?
A) server port B) log file name C) server root D) IP address of proxy server

1. The standard size of a masonry brick, is
A) 18 cm x 8cm x 8cm B) 19cm x 9cm x 9cm B) 20cm x 10cm x 10cm D) 21cm x 11cm x 11cm
2. The portion of the brick without a triangular corner equal to half of the width and half the length, is called
A) closer B) queen closer C) king closer D) squint brick
3. Good quality cement contains higher percentage of
A) Tri calcium silicate B) Di calcium silicate
C) Tricalcium aluminate D) Tetra calcium alumino ferrite
4. Veneering means
A) carving out designs on timber planks
B) chemically treating timber planks

C) thick layer of superior wood glued to inferior wood
D) thin layer of superior wood glued to inferior wood
5. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following
A) The function of foundation is to distribute the load of super structureover a large bearing area
B) No timbering is required for shallow trenches
C) Shallow foundations can be constructed on made-up soil
D) Black cotton soil is very good for foundation bed
6. Dampness causes
A) efflorescence B) bleaching of paints C) crumbling of plaster D) growth of termites
7. The brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face of a wall, is kniwn as
A) header B) stretcher C) closer D) none of these
8. The type of bond in a brick masonry containing alternate courses of stretchers and Headers, is called
A) Flemish bond B) English bond C) Stretcher bond D) Header bond
9. The curvature of earth;s surface , is taken into account only if the extend of is more than
A) 100sq km B) 160 sq km C) 200sq km D) 260 sq km
10. The main principle of surveying is to work
A) from part to the whole B) from whole to the part
C) from higher level to lower level D) from lower level to higher level
11.Correct distance obtained by an erroneous chain is:
A) (Erroneous chain length x Observed distance) / Correct chain length
B) (Correct chain length x Observed chain length) / Erroneous chain length
C) (Correct chain length x Erroneous chain length) / Observed distance
D) None of these
12. In chain surveying a tie line is primarily provided
E) to check the accuracy of the survey
F) to take offsets for detail survey
G) to avoid long offsets from chain line
H) to increase the number of chain lines
13. Determine the difference in elevation between two points on the surface of the earth, is known as
A) Leveling B) simple leveling C) differential leveling D) longitudinal leveling
14. An imaginary line joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth, represents
A) contour surface B) contour gradient C)Contour line D) level line
15. The contour interval is kept inversely proportional to
A) time and expense of field work
B) steepness of the configuration of the area
C) scale of the map D) all the above


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