Saturday, 15 September 2012

ANDHRA UNIVERSITY latest admissions

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Education in real sense is a quest for truth. This is an unending journey towards knowledge and enlightenment. This journey opens up new avenues for development of the mankind and limits the role of negative emotions like envy, hatred, animosity and narrow mindedness.

 It also inculcates and increases the sense of pride and self respect if every individual fully understand the basic realities of education and accepts it as way of life then it is sure the world would become a better place of habitat. It would not be out of place to mention that it works as a foundation stone of happy prosperous and strong nation.

It is therefore our responsibility to create environment conducive of learning. That will not only give economic self reliance but will also lead to moral and intellectual upliftment of the society. The major challenge that the system is facing as of now is the reluctance of students to attend the classes. The most portent remedy would be to inculcate the belief in the mind of the students that college is not just a place to earn a degree but gain knowledge. They can apply into their day to day life

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